Beirut Yacht Charter offers you the most tailored and personalized form of vacation in the world...Yacht Chartering! Book a Yacht or Gulet with family or friends for a day, a weekend, or a whole week! Let the crew of B.Y.C take you on an exciting journey, creating unforgettable memories and new experiences!

Bordering the Mediterranean, the mountains of Lebanon drop dramatically towards the coastline providing a perfect backdrop for coastal cruising. So if you want a break away from the fun-filled capital of Beirut and its cosmopolitan nightlife, Sibenik yacht charter is the ideal way to relax. Take a crewed motor yacht from one of the four main marinas in the city and cruise along the famous Corniche, for a close up view of the Pigeon rocks at Raouché, just off the Western most tip of the country. To the North the rocky coastline takes you across Jounieh Bay to the ancient city of Byblos, whilst to the South, sandy beaches line the shore. With an increasing number of beach clubs and restaurants accessible by boat, you can see Beirut from a whole new perspective.

Luxury Crewed Yacht: A customizable service

A luxury charter yacht crew is unlike a hotel or cruise ship staff. Luxury charter yacht crew interacts with the guests on a daily basis. Clients will recognize the same stewardesses on a crewed yacht serving meals from day to day, as well as the same deckhands operating the tenders for water sports fun. During the course of a luxury crewed yacht vacation, the crew get to know each crewed yacht client personally and adapt the yacht’s services to the client’s needs and wishes.

As with a luxury crewed yacht’s personal chef, the crew look carefully at the preference sheets that charter clients complete before boarding the yacht. If a client indicates a desire to sleep until noon and have dinner begin at midnight, then the crew adjusts their own schedules to accommodate those requests. If one or two guests want to rise with the sun to enjoy sport fishing before breakfast, then the crew readies the tenders and bait while the rest of the guests slumber. No matter the client’s desires, the crew work to customize service as perfectly as possible.

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