Private Yacht Charters: Special Occasions

Private yacht charter vacations are often booked to coincide with a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or family reunion. Charter yacht crews are well trained to help any group make the most of such events, whether the desire is for an elegant affair or a playfully themed extravaganza.

Personal chefs aboard luxury charter yachts often have supreme baking skills, which allow them to create memorable birthday cakes, anniversary pastries, and the like. Some luxury charter yacht chefs also excel at creating multi-course tasting menus, which are popular for celebrations of all kinds. The tasting menu can include the client’s personal favorites or delicacies from the charter region.

Private Yacht Charter Events

Special occasions aboard a private charter yacht are limited only by the imagination. Fireworks and beach barbecues may become part of the party, along with sporting events such as the World Cup or Super Bowl. The tone and style of the event is set by the private charter client, with the private charter yacht’s crew working to make every detail of the client’s vision a reality.

Crewed Yacht Day Charter – Beirut

Book your crewed charter and cruise the coastline of Lebanon, taking in the beautiful mountain backdrops, the bright city lights and sandy beaches. Enjoy a full day of relaxation and swimming, or share a special occasion with friends and family aboard a fully serviced yacht starting at USD $3,000.

On board your crewed yacht, you may cruise the coastline all day, or ask the captain to take you to deeper waters to enjoy a better swim, or maybe some privacy. If you are in the mood for some water sports and activities, BYC will arrange your toys! From Jet Skis’, banana boats, and diving equipment! If your in the mood for discovery, BYC can also arrange several stops along the coast line for you to experience Lebanon and its great culture!

Special Events & Theme Cruises – Beirut

Feel like escaping the busy hustle and bustle of city life? Let Beirut Yacht Charter take you on a ‘Meditation Cruise’ with a yoga instructor and a full day of pampering! How about a ‘Fish-it n cook-it’ trip? Hook your bait, fish-it, and we will cook it for you, or cook-it yourself alongside your private chef for the day! The ‘Romantic Getaway” offers you and your loved one the opportunity to enjoy the day swimming and relaxing in the sun, and in the evening let your private chef tantalize your taste buds throughout a candle-lit dinner. Prices starting at USD $3,500

Spa & Meditation Cruise:

Start your day off with some yoga exercises alongside our instructor, then on to a healthy breakfast! Let our Spa experts place you in a comfortable and serene setting, infused with aromatic essences and candles, while your body experiences pure bliss under our expert masseuses’ hands, while finishing up, the yacht will stop while preparing yourself for the meditation facing a stunning sunset.

Romantic Getaway:

Book a cruise and sweep your loved one away into blue waters! Sail to Cyprus and enjoy the white sandy beaches! While cruising back to Beirut, you can enjoy a candlelit dinner on the top deck aboard one of our yachts, while your private chef astounds you with his live-cooking techniques and culinary expertise! B.Y.C will pamper you and your loved one all day and night and make sure your memories are ever lasting!

Fish-it ‘n Cook-it:

Like the excitement of fishing? Let BYC take you on a fishing trip where you and your family or friends can spend the whole day alongside our crew learning how to bait and catch fish! Taken fresh from the catch, your private chef will show you how to prepare and cook the fish, maybe even try and cook it yourself! Enjoy a whole day filled with good food and fun!

Customize Your Own Event:

Have an idea for your personal cruise? Beirut Yacht Charter also offers you the opportunity of creating and customizing your own themed-cruise! Decorate your boat with lights, props, and other fun items to give your cruise and guests a more vibrant feel! Choose your theme, tell us what you want, and sit back and enjoy the cruise!

Blue Cruise Voyage – Private Crewed Yacht

Beirut Yacht Charter also books cruises to the following destinations
With our hospitality and travel know-how, along with international connections, B.Y.C offers you the choice of more exotic locations for your vacation along with accommodation, tour-guides, and much more. Experience destinations from the sea, sailing along breath taking sights, and stopping at the various ports to taste the culture and enjoy the diversity!
  • Turkish Riviera
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Maldives
  • Cyprus

Cabin Charter Programs

No need to book the whole yacht! Beirut Yacht Charter offers you the choice of enjoying exotic destinations by booking cabins instead of the whole yacht. Customize your trip according to what you want and enjoy the company.
  • Turkey
  • Croatia
  • Indonesia
  • Maldives
  • Greece

Indonesian Archipelago & The Caribbean

Let Beirut Yacht Charter unwind you and your loved ones with a cruise among the 17,508 islands that Indonesia has to offer! From astounding, colorful coral reefs to the peaceful white sandy beaches B.Y.C guarantees a blissful vacation! How about the small tropical islands of the Caribbean? Crystal Clear waters, white sandy beaches, Pina -Coladas and Mojito’s. Visit islands like St. Martin with its famous sea fortress, or the exclusive St. Bart’s

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